Making Bathroom Cleaning Easier for Stay at Home Moms

Making Bathroom Cleaning Easier for Stay at Home Moms

dirty BathroomHousecleaning is a never ending job for a mom, especially those who stay at home all day and have to look at the mess. If you have kids at home with you all day, the chore list is never ending, because they constantly eat, drink, and of course, “go potty”. They run outside, bring in dirty hands and sandy clothes. They use the bathroom, often putting too much toilet paper in it, and leave it consistently looking like a tornado went through. Then we have to think about the germs that they leave behind in the bathroom as well. In my home, I decided it was way past time to start making bathroom cleaning easier for stay at home moms; especially for myself.

The Worst Germs Hide in Bathrooms

JesusandGermsIn kitchens, you prepare raw meat and you have grease splatters. Yet, somehow, the kitchen of your home will have fewer germs than the bathroom. E-Coli and Salmonella hasn’t got anything compared to what germs linger in your toilet bowl. Every flush of the toilet can send germs spraying out into the room, touching your toothbrushes and everything else. It is truly a nightmare to think of it. I never did really think about it until I had kids. Then I began to notice that kids are not neat people. They miss the toilet, clog it up, and do all that they do. I quickly discovered that I spent too much time in my bathroom and I don’t mean “using it”. My search then began, because I had a dream and that dream was to make my bathroom messes easier to deal with.

My Search for Easier Bathroom Cleaning Products

If you have ever searched for a cleaning product or tips on how to make it easier to clean one room over another, you know there are millions of potential cleaners and products that all say they are the best. However, many of these products and tools cost you a small fortune. Then I happened upon a website that showed me more about toilets than I could have ever imagined. They had real reviews about toilets that could make my life easier. They talked about products that I felt would be helpful. On the Toilet Review Guide, you can truly discover a way to make your bathroom cleaner, more stylish, and more enjoyable a place to visit.

What I’ve Discovered about Bathroom Cleaning

Toilet Bowl BrushI’ve already purchased a toilet that flushes really well. That was an upgrade that I did a while back. It is a low flow, pressurized toilet. It works like a champ, but I still felt that cleaning it was a chore. I still worried about the germs, even though with it, I never saw a stain left behind. However, when I found the guide, I also discovered the best toilet bowl brush. It offered a variety of affordable brush options and where my older toilet brush sets into a plastic container and molds, the brushes I found there were in vented containers. This immediately made me think about, “How can your toilet be getting cleaner if you are using a dirty brush? Now, when I use my new toilet brush on my toilet, I actually feel as though my toilet is cleaner because it isn’t a mold and bacteria covered brush that I am using. I spend less time cleaning the bathroom and more time cleaning the kitchen. Perhaps I will search for help in that area next.