Georgia Moms Who Hunt

Georgia Moms Who Hunt

Each year women prove more and more that they can play with the big boys and keep up with them no matter what the boys are into. This is especially true in Georgia, where women have taken up doing some pretty extreme outdoor activities. Women along the coastal areas often can be seen picking oysters alongside their significant others or throwing a cast net to catch shrimp. Inland though, women often enjoy the biggest thrill of all. These women, both moms and single ladies, enjoy hunting. They hunt for big game, small game, and even pursue target practice, just to have a good time.


Sport Shooting for Women

Women are gaining a newfound passion for sport shooting. They may use bow and arrows, they may enjoy holding their rifle on a target that is 100 yards away and know that they can make the shot, or they may do it for any number of other reasons. These ladies are as dedicated to the sport as the men who first invented it and most women are able to keep up with any man who dares to challenge them.

There are slightly fewer women who hunt large game, but there are still more than enough who enjoy this sport as well. They spend a lot of time learning how to take aim. They put a lot of effort into reading through the rifle scope reviews to find the one that may work best for them.

Why It Is So Popular

They enjoy the stress relief that it provides. When they are focusing on a target, they forget about the bad week that they had with their kids. They do not worry about the fact their home needs cleaning and that they are due to meet a deadline by mid-week. They use hunting and shooting as a way to escape their everyday lives. It is a vacation day for them. One in which they are able to hear the sounds of nature and simply enjoy their time outdoors. There are no errands to run when they are out on the range or camping out in the woods. It is a way to get away from their reality, relax, unwind, and work out their frustrations.


UAhunting-245x300What Gear Women Use

The women who enjoy sport shooting may use a variety of gear. They may use wind meters, target throwers, shooting benches, as well as their most favorite rifle and ammunition. Their accessories may change from one day to the next. Some women do use the headphones to block out some of the noise, especially when they are target shooting. They may wear gloves and camouflage or they may stick with the basics and choose to simply wear earth tones. However, when it comes to their scope, most women do agree on one thing. They will not use anything but the best AR scope. They use a scope that allows them to see clearly no matter how far away their target may be. These women prove that they are able to keep up with anyone else on the field and they prove whole-heartedly that moms can hunt, sometimes better than men.