Making Baby Bath Time Easier

Making Baby Bath Time Easier

Having a baby in the house is something that is both rewarding and challenging. Each family will face unique challenges because there are no two infants that are alike in every way. One family may rejoice that their infant starts sleeping through the night at two months old, while another may go the first year without a full night’s sleep. The same can be true for bath time. Some infants and toddlers love it, and some prefer to never get in the tub. Even though sleeping through the night is something that you simply have to wait out, there are ways for you to make baby bath time easier for yourself, and your little one.

For the Love of Bath Time

Baby Shower HeadIf you have a toddler that spends bath time giggling and splashing, you are a very lucky mom. Not all babies are happy with the water splashing them. However, toddlers are moody and prone to change at a moment’s notice. They may become scared of it and one misplaced splash could send them running from the tub. They may never again enjoy bath time in the same way. Since avoiding a bath is not always an option you would want to consider, you will need to have things close by that will make a cranky toddler happier about bath time. This may take a little effort on your behalf, but the end result could be well worth it.

Toddler Bath Necessities

Bath Time BasketballIf your infant or toddler hates bath time, you may want to consider getting a few things to make it more fun. You may want to consider getting toys for the bathtub. There are basketball hoops and small balls, water squirting animals, plastic books, and more. You could also try bubble baths, bath fizzes that change the water color, bath crayons, and glowsticks. The trick to getting your toddler to enjoy bath time is often as simple as giving them something fun to do while they are there. If your child simply does not like getting water in their face, you can use a bath visor. If it is something else they do not like about bath time or you need to transition them from baths to showers, you may even consider trying a baby shower head as seen in this review here.

Most of All; Have Fun

Infants and toddlers are not born hating water. They develop a fear of it as they start to grow. It is a common problem that many parents have to deal with. Every parent has found their own tricks to overcome it and you will as well. Be patient and try to do what you can to show your toddler that bath time can be fun. Who knows, if you find the right toys and discover the best ideas for how to make your child happy, you could end up with a toddler who starts asking for a bath instead of running from it. Wouldn’t that be a great thing?