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Making Baby Bath Time Easier

Making Baby Bath Time Easier

Having a baby in the house is something that is both rewarding and challenging. Each family will face unique challenges because there are no two infants that are alike in every way. One family may rejoice that their infant starts sleeping through the night at two months old, while another may go the first year without a full night’s sleep. The same can be true for bath time. Some infants and toddlers love it, and some prefer to never get in the tub. Even though sleeping through the night is something that you simply have to wait out, there are ways for you to make baby bath time easier for yourself, and your little one.

For the Love of Bath Time

Baby Shower HeadIf you have a toddler that spends bath time giggling and splashing, you are a very lucky mom. Not all babies are happy with the water splashing them. However, toddlers are moody and prone to change at a moment’s notice. They may become scared of it and one misplaced splash could send them running from the tub. They may never again enjoy bath time in the same way. Since avoiding a bath is not always an option you would want to consider, you will need to have things close by that will make a cranky toddler happier about bath time. This may take a little effort on your behalf, but the end result could be well worth it.

Toddler Bath Necessities

Bath Time BasketballIf your infant or toddler hates bath time, you may want to consider getting a few things to make it more fun. You may want to consider getting toys for the bathtub. There are basketball hoops and small balls, water squirting animals, plastic books, and more. You could also try bubble baths, bath fizzes that change the water color, bath crayons, and glowsticks. The trick to getting your toddler to enjoy bath time is often as simple as giving them something fun to do while they are there. If your child simply does not like getting water in their face, you can use a bath visor. If it is something else they do not like about bath time or you need to transition them from baths to showers, you may even consider trying a baby shower head as seen in this review here.

Most of All; Have Fun

Infants and toddlers are not born hating water. They develop a fear of it as they start to grow. It is a common problem that many parents have to deal with. Every parent has found their own tricks to overcome it and you will as well. Be patient and try to do what you can to show your toddler that bath time can be fun. Who knows, if you find the right toys and discover the best ideas for how to make your child happy, you could end up with a toddler who starts asking for a bath instead of running from it. Wouldn’t that be a great thing?

Making Bathroom Cleaning Easier for Stay at Home Moms

Making Bathroom Cleaning Easier for Stay at Home Moms

dirty BathroomHousecleaning is a never ending job for a mom, especially those who stay at home all day and have to look at the mess. If you have kids at home with you all day, the chore list is never ending, because they constantly eat, drink, and of course, “go potty”. They run outside, bring in dirty hands and sandy clothes. They use the bathroom, often putting too much toilet paper in it, and leave it consistently looking like a tornado went through. Then we have to think about the germs that they leave behind in the bathroom as well. In my home, I decided it was way past time to start making bathroom cleaning easier for stay at home moms; especially for myself.

The Worst Germs Hide in Bathrooms

JesusandGermsIn kitchens, you prepare raw meat and you have grease splatters. Yet, somehow, the kitchen of your home will have fewer germs than the bathroom. E-Coli and Salmonella hasn’t got anything compared to what germs linger in your toilet bowl. Every flush of the toilet can send germs spraying out into the room, touching your toothbrushes and everything else. It is truly a nightmare to think of it. I never did really think about it until I had kids. Then I began to notice that kids are not neat people. They miss the toilet, clog it up, and do all that they do. I quickly discovered that I spent too much time in my bathroom and I don’t mean “using it”. My search then began, because I had a dream and that dream was to make my bathroom messes easier to deal with.

My Search for Easier Bathroom Cleaning Products

If you have ever searched for a cleaning product or tips on how to make it easier to clean one room over another, you know there are millions of potential cleaners and products that all say they are the best. However, many of these products and tools cost you a small fortune. Then I happened upon a website that showed me more about toilets than I could have ever imagined. They had real reviews about toilets that could make my life easier. They talked about products that I felt would be helpful. On the Toilet Review Guide, you can truly discover a way to make your bathroom cleaner, more stylish, and more enjoyable a place to visit.

What I’ve Discovered about Bathroom Cleaning

Toilet Bowl BrushI’ve already purchased a toilet that flushes really well. That was an upgrade that I did a while back. It is a low flow, pressurized toilet. It works like a champ, but I still felt that cleaning it was a chore. I still worried about the germs, even though with it, I never saw a stain left behind. However, when I found the guide, I also discovered the best toilet bowl brush. It offered a variety of affordable brush options and where my older toilet brush sets into a plastic container and molds, the brushes I found there were in vented containers. This immediately made me think about, “How can your toilet be getting cleaner if you are using a dirty brush? Now, when I use my new toilet brush on my toilet, I actually feel as though my toilet is cleaner because it isn’t a mold and bacteria covered brush that I am using. I spend less time cleaning the bathroom and more time cleaning the kitchen. Perhaps I will search for help in that area next.

Georgia Moms Who Hunt

Georgia Moms Who Hunt

Each year women prove more and more that they can play with the big boys and keep up with them no matter what the boys are into. This is especially true in Georgia, where women have taken up doing some pretty extreme outdoor activities. Women along the coastal areas often can be seen picking oysters alongside their significant others or throwing a cast net to catch shrimp. Inland though, women often enjoy the biggest thrill of all. These women, both moms and single ladies, enjoy hunting. They hunt for big game, small game, and even pursue target practice, just to have a good time.


Sport Shooting for Women

Women are gaining a newfound passion for sport shooting. They may use bow and arrows, they may enjoy holding their rifle on a target that is 100 yards away and know that they can make the shot, or they may do it for any number of other reasons. These ladies are as dedicated to the sport as the men who first invented it and most women are able to keep up with any man who dares to challenge them.

There are slightly fewer women who hunt large game, but there are still more than enough who enjoy this sport as well. They spend a lot of time learning how to take aim. They put a lot of effort into reading through the rifle scope reviews to find the one that may work best for them.

Why It Is So Popular

They enjoy the stress relief that it provides. When they are focusing on a target, they forget about the bad week that they had with their kids. They do not worry about the fact their home needs cleaning and that they are due to meet a deadline by mid-week. They use hunting and shooting as a way to escape their everyday lives. It is a vacation day for them. One in which they are able to hear the sounds of nature and simply enjoy their time outdoors. There are no errands to run when they are out on the range or camping out in the woods. It is a way to get away from their reality, relax, unwind, and work out their frustrations.


UAhunting-245x300What Gear Women Use

The women who enjoy sport shooting may use a variety of gear. They may use wind meters, target throwers, shooting benches, as well as their most favorite rifle and ammunition. Their accessories may change from one day to the next. Some women do use the headphones to block out some of the noise, especially when they are target shooting. They may wear gloves and camouflage or they may stick with the basics and choose to simply wear earth tones. However, when it comes to their scope, most women do agree on one thing. They will not use anything but the best AR scope. They use a scope that allows them to see clearly no matter how far away their target may be. These women prove that they are able to keep up with anyone else on the field and they prove whole-heartedly that moms can hunt, sometimes better than men.

How to Give Your Driveway a Makeover

How to Give Your Driveway a Makeover

drive-cleaning-lanceA lot of people have dirt driveways, and if so, they are perhaps the lucky ones because it is easy to maintain that type of driveway. However, if you have a concrete driveway, you know that all of those oil stains and tire marks can destroy your curb appeal. Do you ever pull up to your home and wish that your driveway looked as good as your home? Have you paid others to come and clean it for you? If so, no one has to tell you that a professional cleaning can cost a small fortune. Here, I will give you a few tips on how to give your driveway a makeover, so that you can avoid the price tag that comes along with each drop of oil or black tire mark on it.

If you are lucky, you will catch a stain when it first happens. A fresh oil spot is a lot easier to clean than an old one that has set into the surface. You do it by using the same trick that professional garages use when oil pans leak on their concrete floors. Simply pour on some baking soda or kitty litter, like the stuff you put into a litter box. You will need to cover it completely and then let it set for a few hours. The litter should turn from white to black as it soaks up the oil. Sweep it away and dispose of the dirty litter.

There may still be a spot on your driveway, but as long as it is fresh, you should be able to use a detergent that is designed to remove grease and a high pressure water hose nozzle or pressure washer. An electric pressure washer is easier and it is more likely to get rid of the stain faster. With a garden hose, you may have to use soap and water a few times to get it completely gone. Some people also say that you can use soda, after the cat litter if you have a stubborn stain. Pour on the soda and scrub it, then rinse.

One thing to keep in mind, when you apply detergent to the area, it is okay to let it sit on the stain for a little while. Sometimes, letting it sit can help you remove the stain with less effort. However, you do not want to let the detergent stay until it is dried on. This may add to the stain rather than remove it.

For tire marks and other stains, you can often clean them using a degreaser. You simply have to let it sit on the tire mark for a little bit and then scrub using a stiff brush. Again, if you have a pressure washer with a rotating brush nozzle, you will save time, but not everyone has easy access to them.

Moms Keep the Home Running Smoothly

Moms Keep the Home Running Smoothly

Everyone knows that moms are capable of amazing things. They can fix boo boos with a kiss, know what is going on in the next room without ever looking inside of it, and just in general make the world a better place for their kids. They are the teachers, the caregivers, and the ruler of the world according to their children. However, at one time, it was thought that without the man in their lives, their days would be more complicated, because of some of the things they cannot do. Now, we know the truth about it and in most cases, moms keep the home running smoothly.

The Past Ideas for Moms

StayAtHomeMomsDo you remember when moms were the ones who cooked, cleaned, and raised kids as their full time job? A time when any issues at home that would require a hammer, a nail, or other things had to wait until the man returned home from his days in the field? The line between duties was simple. Each one had their own job and their own responsibilities within the home and for the most part, it was never questioned. Men were strength, women were lovers, and children were children.

It has taken time and effort on behalf of women as a group, but times have changed. The changes have come through hard work on the part of moms who wanted to strike out and learn how to do things on their own, so that they did not have to say, “You just wait until your daddy gets home.”

Today’s Mom

The mom of today is independent. A lot of them work a full time job and still manage to stretch themselves thin enough to be a cook, a maid, a mom, and a partner. They know how to hammer a nail to hang a photo on the wall and they can help children with homework while multitasking to clean house or prepare dinner. They know where to shop and how to read through home generator reviews in an effort to find the best supplies for their home. All of these things were at one time considered “honey do’s” that the man in their lives would have to handle. Change has been good for the women of our world.

How Times Have Changed Us

As the times have changed, women have gained more responsibility. There are working moms, stay-at-home moms, and single moms. Having a man around the house is still a blessing in many ways, but women are fully capable of handling things on their own. Moms still handle all the caregiving aspects of life, raising kids, and taking care of their home, but now they have the ability to do it better.


If they are home at night alone with their kids and the power goes out, it is not a big deal for them whether daddy is not home or not. They have confidence that they have the best generator for home and they know how to properly switch over to their backup generator so that their kids do not get upset over being shrouded in darkness before bedtime. She can still read her kids a bedtime story with a lamp turned on beside their bed, instead of having to rely on a candle to cast enough light.

Moms have always been amazing for all that they can do. However, now it is even more certain that without mom, life would not flow as smoothly as it does in today’s world. If you know someone who is a mom, or you yourself are a mom, take time to say thank you for taking on more than was ever expected of you.

Moms On The Go

Moms On The Go

MomnSwingOne of the hardest things for new moms is adjusting to a new schedule. Nowadays, it is not uncommon to have women who want to maintain the active lifestyle that they lead before the baby. They do not let mommy-hood slow them, but most of them admit that they still feel that they must give up certain things. They often feel that they cannot do the things they use to do until their little one is sleeping peacefully in his swing or crib. For many moms, this can be an added frustration because then they feel rushed to get everything done during nap times when they should be resting up themselves. There is a better way for moms to stay active and do most of what they want to do, by their own schedule.

Active Moms and Active Kids

Moms are always busy, regardless of their child’s age. There is always laundry to be done, dishes to deal with, dinner to prepare, sweeping, errands, and more of the household chores. Then you have to consider the things they want to do for fun and relaxation.

It is a never ending task. Add in a newborn and the list of things to do can be even more stressful. It is a time when even taking a walk to the store can seem like a major task because your hands will be too full to carry what you want to take home, home.

If you add in another child, the busy mom will have even more to do chasing down and caring for the older child. During this time, if you are nursing, you may feel like yanking your hair out because your hands are too busy to deal with the things you need to do.

That is why baby carriers and wraps are available. They allow the busiest of moms to keep up with the most active children. It is hands free comfort for your little one and leaves you open to deal with the things you want to do.

Double the Fun

Some parents are lucky enough to have two bundles to cuddle with. This is double the fun, but it could also be double the work and even the busiest and most active moms may become a little overwhelmed. For these ladies there are twin baby carriers for you to consider. You can carry one infant on your chest and another on your back, or you can separate the set when someone else is willing and then no one will have to have their hands full all day long.

It is important though to read through the reviews before you purchase a twin carrier. You will learn about the features that make some carriers better than others because unfortunately, not all twin carriers work as well as others. Finding the best twin baby carrier will depend greatly on what you want from it.

Other Ways to Stay Busy Doing What You Love

As your toddler grows out of the carrier you have come to love, you may once again feel as though you have to give things up. To some extent, you will. You will no longer be able to cuddle while you clean. However, you will gain other options if you are interested in maintaining the busy lifestyle that active moms love. Many women choose this time to look at other carrier options and one of the most popular choices is a baby bike carrier.

BabyCycle-These carriers attach to a regular bicycle and allow you to get your exercise while your toddler rides along. It will get you up and moving while your child is free to look around and see the world outside. The key to one of these though is choosing one that you feel safe for your active toddler. This is where the baby bike carrier reviews will come in handy.

Being a mom does not mean you must sacrifice the busy activities that you enjoy taking part in. It simply means you may need an extra hand to help you become one of the busiest moms on the go. A carrier of any kind will be able to help you stay on top of everything you need to do.

A Wedding for Every Season

A Wedding for Every Season

Weddings are meant to be beautiful. Every bride wants her special day to stand out in the minds of all her friends and relatives. The more glamorous, the better, even if it is a small wedding party. A way to increase the beauty of your wedding, without increasing the price tag on it, is to choose colors that fit the overall feel that you want your guests to have when they enter into the church or your chosen venue. In most cases, couples who want to create a very special feeling during their wedding ceremony will choose colors that match the season for it. If this is something you like the idea of, perhaps you should do your research and find the best wedding colors for every season.

The Winter Wedding

Winter is quite possibly the easiest season to get married in if you want colors that coordinate with the seasons. Many people choose white roses or calla lilies. However, if you prefer to add more color, you can do so with virtually any other color in the world. Even deep dark purples and bright pinks can be appealing, especially if you top them off with white “frosting”.

If your wedding is going to take place during the month of December, you may also choose to stick with the boldest reds, whites, and even forest greens and play up to the merriness that is already present during this season. You could use a mixture of various winter flowers, even poinsettias if you choose to decorate your wedding with a Christmas theme.

Winter is also a great time to make use of ice sculptures and other wintery decorations if the venue is outdoors. Indoor weddings can use candles and other items to make the temperature a little warmer. All of this may also depend on where you are holding the ceremony as far as whether the temperature outside is going to be freezing cold or slightly warm.

The Spring Wedding

Spring is all about new beginnings. If you want colors that give a hint of something more, why not choose either pastel colors or lighter colors that give just a hint of a color? White and aqua or pale blues can make a dramatic statement, but so can bolder bright yellows and greens, which may also be a great way to go for your springtime celebration.

One thing that may work really well during the spring months, especially April where showers are most common, is to consider going north for outdoor wedding venues in Virginia and wear your white wedding gown with a pair of yellow rain boots. Your bridesmaids can also get in on the fun of this very bold color by wearing yellow dresses. The groom and groomsmen can wear yellow ties or you can have bright yellow flowers in the decor and bridal bouquets.

Greens should play an important role in your spring wedding ceremony. Green is a very earthy color and often the brighter it is, the more springlike it will feel for your guests. This means that even if you choose pale blues, light pinks, and lavender colors, adding a bold green highlight to it will add more to the overall feeling of spring in the air.