A Wedding for Every Season

A Wedding for Every Season

Weddings are meant to be beautiful. Every bride wants her special day to stand out in the minds of all her friends and relatives. The more glamorous, the better, even if it is a small wedding party. A way to increase the beauty of your wedding, without increasing the price tag on it, is to choose colors that fit the overall feel that you want your guests to have when they enter into the church or your chosen venue. In most cases, couples who want to create a very special feeling during their wedding ceremony will choose colors that match the season for it. If this is something you like the idea of, perhaps you should do your research and find the best wedding colors for every season.

The Winter Wedding

Winter is quite possibly the easiest season to get married in if you want colors that coordinate with the seasons. Many people choose white roses or calla lilies. However, if you prefer to add more color, you can do so with virtually any other color in the world. Even deep dark purples and bright pinks can be appealing, especially if you top them off with white “frosting”.

If your wedding is going to take place during the month of December, you may also choose to stick with the boldest reds, whites, and even forest greens and play up to the merriness that is already present during this season. You could use a mixture of various winter flowers, even poinsettias if you choose to decorate your wedding with a Christmas theme.

Winter is also a great time to make use of ice sculptures and other wintery decorations if the venue is outdoors. Indoor weddings can use candles and other items to make the temperature a little warmer. All of this may also depend on where you are holding the ceremony as far as whether the temperature outside is going to be freezing cold or slightly warm.

The Spring Wedding

Spring is all about new beginnings. If you want colors that give a hint of something more, why not choose either pastel colors or lighter colors that give just a hint of a color? White and aqua or pale blues can make a dramatic statement, but so can bolder bright yellows and greens, which may also be a great way to go for your springtime celebration.

One thing that may work really well during the spring months, especially April where showers are most common, is to consider going north for outdoor wedding venues in Virginia and wear your white wedding gown with a pair of yellow rain boots. Your bridesmaids can also get in on the fun of this very bold color by wearing yellow dresses. The groom and groomsmen can wear yellow ties or you can have bright yellow flowers in the decor and bridal bouquets.

Greens should play an important role in your spring wedding ceremony. Green is a very earthy color and often the brighter it is, the more springlike it will feel for your guests. This means that even if you choose pale blues, light pinks, and lavender colors, adding a bold green highlight to it will add more to the overall feeling of spring in the air.